Photo: Marlene Karpischek
Photo: Marlene Karpischek

I am Vivian Mary Pudelko. I am a yoga teacher and a music therapist, specialized on self-care for Health Care Professionals in daily working life.


You can book me for presentations or team trainings concerning self-care in daily working life at your institution. Self-care is an important issue concerning burnout-prevention and stress management. My workshops give you the opportunity of reflecting on your personal self-care and becoming aware of your existing ressources.


As Health Care Professionals we need strategies for finding relaxation in every-day working life. We need strategies for coming home to ourselves, for getting in touch with ourselves whilst working.


Yoga in everyday life supports us in being aware of our body. Body awareness is good practice to develop sensitivity towards our own physical, emotional and mental boundaries. And it helps deal with our individual boundaries.


The yoga lessons let you experience calmness and inner strength and support you in searching for these moments in your daily working life.